The Iconic Nokia Banana Phone In “The Matrix” Gets Relaunched


The ‘banana phone’, was one of the iconic props in Matrix

Back then Nokia was the world’s leading mobile phone supplier in 1999 and so it used this popularity to ensure Nokia 8110 was featured in The Matrix.

Nicknamed the ‘banana phone’ thanks to its unusually long and curved shape, the mobile instantly became trendy when the film became a hit.

It was launched at the Mobile World Congress 2018 event in Barcelona and with traditional black and banana yellow versions being released

Unlike other Nokia Android smartphones, you won’t be able to access and download normal apps – but don’t worry – HMD is creating an app store specifically for this device.

The store will have apps for your usual suspects such as Facebook and there’s even a chance other third parties might create their own for the phone.

Also, you know how iPhones have notoriously short battery lives, well the 8110 will last an impressive 25 days. Now that is a lot of Snake-playing!

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