Here are Some Really Funny Breakup Texts which are Just Hilarious



Not all breakups are painful… Here are some really funny breakup texts which are just hilarious. While some of them are done by mistake, others take the wittiness to another level. As always, the list goes from good to the best!

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But sometimes break up texts can be very humiliating and sometimes they are painful.

1. Breakup with Examples

Painful Breakup Texts

You can’t imagine the impact of this breakup on the person who received it. You may find this hilarious but it is really painful. The Girl is such a fool that she is not understanding the signs of breakup but trying to be romantic.

2. Materialistic Love

Painful Breakup Texts

This will make you laugh out loud. He loves his X-box more than his partner. The breaking of X-box is a big thing for him than breakup as he is showing concern for the thing but her cheating doesn’t matter at all.

3. Breakup Wish

Painful Breakup Texts

What a moment for the person who received that text! He was planning for marriage and life-long relationship but received such a painful reply. He might have died of shock after reading that.

4. Burning Stuff

Painful Breakup Texts

Try not to forget your stuff with your partner or ex-partner may be. Otherwise, you may have to face the same. Nothing can be more painful than losing that thing which you loved more than your partner.

5. Mistaken Text

Breakup Texts

Wow! This is just ridiculous. She sent something to someone for which she will curse herself for the lifetime. No one can be that foolish. But nothing can be done now as the time is gone.

6. Think Before Texting

Breakup Texts

This is what happens when you are in a hurry and get overexcited. So next time, before clicking on send, you need to think hundred times what you are sending otherwise you might get into a big trouble.

7. Read Properly

Breakup Texts

This is hilarious. You can imagine what might have happened next. She looked fine in the first instance but she understood it later. It might make the life of the man difficult ahead.

8. Over Reaction

Breakup Texts

Sometimes overreaction may put you in such a situation from where you can’t come out as happened in this case. Now she might be cursing herself for sending those messages without any thought. So be careful, anything can happen.

9. Over Reaction Again

Breakup Texts

This is becoming the reason for the most number of breakups these days. This case is similar to the previous one with a little bit of variation. Again you need to think many times before sending a message.

10. It’s Too Late

Breakup Texts

Now the sent message can come back so there is no meaning of trying. Everything is over now just try to not to cheat again if gets in any relationship.

11. Over Smartness

Breakup Texts

Don’t try to be over smart with your partner or you may have to face the some. Your romance may turn into a bloody war if you do not take care of. Be careful!

12. Awkward

Breakup Texts

This is another example of an overreaction but this one is more horrible. Girls never like negative comments on their physicality and this may be the biggest and last mistake of the guy’s life.

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