Naughty Memes For Naughty People



Memes are our only salvation from the horrors of existence. Take a break from work with these slightly NSFW memes.

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1 When the boss is perverted

If you’re running late and you say it’s because you were mastur*ating, men won’t even care about the ‘late part’. Thanks for the advice tho.

#2 Damn! She got a great talent.

The family she babysit for bought me a car for my 17th birthday. Lol, she got a real talent.

#3 LMFAO! This is hilarious.

People love to take pictures with them and they love it back. This clever monkey knows how to have the benefits of his job. No matter how boring his job gets, he always know how to make the most of it.

#4 And it really hurts.

That’s actually right: First time anal is a lot like your first car. You probaby don’t want it but daddy’s gonna give it to you anyway.

#5 But failed sometimes.

She plays Jenga on the first date so she know my pullout game strong.

#6 Meaningful life.

Yeah, it means alot to me.

#7 When there is no way around.

Haha, When you’re looking at your bills and start to consider prostitution.

#8 Can’t stop laughing.

Actually, that happens everytime tho.

#9 An amazing reward.

After a long day of fetching sticks and she finally ,let’s you cuddle

#10 She is expensive.

If you know what that means

#11 Hotness!!

When you touch her booty for the first time. But, like i said, Shit Happens!

#12 And she really mean it.

When she wants the “D”. She’ll give subtle hints.

#13 You have to visit an entertainment site in order to view the tribute of Mia Khalifa.

Well, that will be dthe arkest day of the earth. tbh

#14 2nd option can fix anything.

When your man is having a rough day and says nothing can fix it. Well, here’s your medicine.

#15 Weirdly hilarious.

Why her shadow look like a midget with a huge penis?

#16 Beautiful speed breaker though.

The way to make sure people don’t speed through an intersection

#17 Epic.

People have to struggle in making the choice as what to wear outside on the windiest yet hottest days of summer. Even then, if you don’t choose the right outfit, a mistaken decision will leave you to look like one of these pictures, when you are struggling hard to keep your skirt decent but it all goes in vain.

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