Jinri Park Sets the Internet on Fire with Her Sizzling ‘Throwback’ Photo on Instagram


She has gained new fans and followers after her photos went viral.

Jinri Park, a South Korean model, radio disc jockey and magazine columnist who is active in Philippine showbiz, captured eyes of men when she first appeared in a men’s magazine back in 2011. She instantly became a celebrity with just her physical attributes. However, there is more to Jinri Park than meets the eye.

Park currently lives in the Philippines, where is actively acting and modelling. Thanks to the rise in popularity of Korean dramas, Park captured the hearts of many with her sexiness and beauty. Today, years after her sexy photos were taken, her Instagram account has nearly 670,000 followers who are all eyes and ears on her adventures and of course, sultry photos.

The “My Korean Jagiya” actress posted a saucy throwback snap of herself wearing a lacy bikini top barely covering her nipples on Instagram. As she leaned forward to emphasize her assets, more netizens double-tapped on the dreamy photo with a caption that read: “Flashback! Young dumb but not broke. And also a lot more to love on my bodehhh back then.”

But don’t let her sexy body and beautiful face fool you. Despite her very feminine features, Park can apparently kick ass too. She takes Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a martial art and combat sport focusing on grappling and ground fighting. Despite being a blue-belt and first-time contender, the actress competed in the London Open last year and was able to win second place.

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