Dog Becomes Foster Mom to Nearly 100 Kittens After She Lost Her Best Cat Friend


A rescue dog turned a surrogate mother to orphaned kittens after she said goodbyes to her greatest feline good friend. Over the previous three years, she’s mothered near 100 kittens!

Meet Zuca the canine and her foster babies!

Ronda @zucaskittens

Zuca was discovered roaming the streets with a pregnant stomach. She was taken in by Animal Management and had her puppies in a foster home.

After the puppies have been weaned, all of them went to their forever homes, but Zuca had a tough time discovering hers. 5 months later, Ronda got here throughout Zuca’s photograph on an adoption website and was instantly in love.

Ronda @zucaskittens

It took Zuca some time to adjust to her new life, but one factor she never had trouble with – Ronda’s cats. She immediately took a liking to her feline friends, and one of them became her best buddy – Stout.

Stout and Zuca

In 2015, a tiny singleton named Monkey wanted a mother. When Zuca met the kitten, she immediately took to her as her own. The monkey turned Zuca’s first foster baby.

Ronda @zucaskittens

“She places up with a lot! She lets kittens crawl throughout her, bite her, scratch her, bounce on her face, you name it. In exchange, all she asks is to clean their face off after dinner.” (Scroll down for video)

Ronda @zucaskittens

Every time Zuca sees her owner walking in the door with a crate of foster babies, she gets excited and her motherly instinct kicks in.

Zuca has her way to talk with the kittens, and she can read their signals.

Ronda @zucaskittens

“The factor I discover most interesting about Zuca is that she appears to know exactly what each kitten needs when they need it. She can read them.

“She knows how to lay perfectly still and avoid eye contact with the feral kittens while approaching and moving into for the kiss with the super social kittens. It’s amazing.”

Ronda @zucaskittens

Together they’ve fostered almost 100 kittens and hope to care for another 20+ this season.

Ronda @zucaskittens

Zuca gives these orphaned kittens the motherly love they need to thrive.

Ronda @zucaskittens

At 12 years old, Zuca continues to love and nurture little ones in need.

“Having Zuca around makes the kittens more adaptable to people who have dogs. A lot of my adopters have advised me they selected my foster specifically because they saw how the kitten related to Zuca, and they wished that in their home.”

Ronda @zucaskittens

Follow Zuca and her foster kittens on Facebook and Instagram @zucaskittens.

Watch Zuca and her feline babies in this cute video:

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